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Wednesday, July 13, 2022

Visit to the New Hampshire Coast

New Hampshire's Atlantic Ocean coast line is miniscule - 18 miles only in length with Massachusetts to the south and Maine to the north..

I took a day trip there on Monday with Emily and granddaughter #2.  Granddaughter #1 had gone with Matt to Annapolis, MD to a family reunion.  Emily stayed home with #2 because she had a fever, not Covid.  They tested her. By Monday fever was gone for 24 hours, hence our excursion.

Our first choice in beach was a town park in Portsmouth but sign at kiosk where we were to pay said no swimming because of fecal matter contamination.  So we traveled south to Wallis Sands State Park instead.

It was a blue sky day, the tide was going out but the water was frigid.

More people on the beach than in the water.
#2 considers and then goes in.

Emily went in with her.


Me?  I got my feet wet.  Water much too cold plus wind was blowing off the water which made it cooler.

This rock jetty divided the bathing area from the rockier section of the coast.

One of the children in the group in front of us left his bag of chips.  The gulls found it to fight over it.

The last time #2 went in she took her boogie board and did a good job with it.

It was a two hour trip each way.  Coming home we stopped at Wendy's for dinner. A nice day and out of the ordinary routine.