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Friday, March 14, 2014

Last Winter Chore

We've had two days of below freezing temperatures so I figured with Spring coming this was my last chance to cut down the cattails in the pond.  I had tried once before but the ice was in crispy layers and I went through.

Today there were some solid sections but not enough for me to reach all the cattails.  I did go through once but did not go in above my boot top, thankfully.

The cattails that remain in the middle will have to be clipped when I can wade in there.  There's lots of cleanup to do around the pond.  That will wait for warmth.

 Lots of Spring chores to do once we get some warmer weather including cutting down this miscanthus.

I'm looking forward to having this front garden redone.  The stone pathway will be redone by a professional.  The lavender will be dug up and replaced by a different variety.

The Russian sage will go and be replaced by 5 Japanese beauty berry bushes and pink muhley grass.

Inside there is a bit of Spring.  Lettuce and bok choy seedlings are up and some were thinned and added to our salad last night.  Spinach has not made an appearance yet.