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Saturday, August 29, 2009


I've enjoyed seeing hummingbirds this summer. Maybe that should be singular since I only see one at a time. Lately if the hosta flower is bobbing it's because the hummingbird is inside.

This morning I watched as the hummingbird made its rounds: a purple flower that is blooming now called False Dragon, then to the remains of the bee balm. It paused to rest on the chicken wire surrounding the pink yarrow. From there it went to the new flowers on the yellow yarrow and then to the purple phlox. It saw the reflection of the phlox in one of our windows and headed there only to bump into the glass. It was okay because I saw it head for the trees.

They are incredibly amazing birds. They are very curious too because this summer if I was outside invariably when it came by it would pause to have a look at me then fly on. They should be leaving soon to migrate. Maybe next year I'll put up a hummingbird feeder.