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Thursday, May 7, 2015

Road Scholar Trip - Day 1

We took our very first Road Scholar Trip titled "Mark Twain and the Mississippi, Lewis and Clark and The Civil War".  The draw was Mark Twain but all of it was wonderful.

Day One was spent in St. Louis, a city we've never spent any time in.  We visited the Old Courthouse and re-enacted the Dred Scott case, had an extensive behind the scenes tour of the Campbell House with all its original 19th century decor, went up inside the Arch and scanned the horizon east and west, and ended the day at St. Charles County Community College with a buffet dinner and lecture/slide show about the Louisiana Purchase.

Here is the day in photographs.

The Old Courthouse

Dan was the judge for the re-enactment of the Dred Scott case.  We ruled in favor of Dred Scott and freedom for slavery.  He wasn't so lucky when the Supreme Court ruled against him but much later got his freedom just before he died.

Scenes of downtown.  Can you see the arch reflected in some of these photos?

The Campbell House - 7 floors.  Filled with antiques.  No photos taken inside.

The Arch

To ride up inside the arch you enter a door like this.  We were assigned #8.  Only 5 people per pod.  4 minutes to go up and 3.5 minutes to come back down.

View from the arch - looking into Illinois - east.

Looking down and seeing its shadow.

Looking west.

Here we are inside the arch.