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Friday, July 17, 2015

Ferns - Just Love Them

One thing I've read about deer and keeping them out of the yard is to use ferns amongst the favorite deer plants like hosta.  Deer don't like ferns.  I had planted lots of ferns in my Glen Garden over the years, but now am encouraging the ones I have and adding to them.

I'm not good with names of ferns.  These were transplanted from my woods.

I know this one as a Boston fern and its not winter hardy except in my vestibule.  I've had it for several years and its very pot bound.  It's sitting on an old chair under the tree and despite my forgetting to water it, has done well there.

These are also transplants from the woods.

I believe this is called a cinnamon fern because of the leaf color when it first comes out.

I do know these as Japanese painted ferns.  There are three there that started very small and now have filled out well.

Here's is another from the woods that is intermingled with the hosta.

I've let this fern take over too much in this perennial bed.

Another cinnamon fern at the arbor blocking deer entrance to the backyard.

A miniature fern in A's Garden.

One of many of the ostrich ferns.

Ferns intermingled with hosta and other plants in the Glen Garden.