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Friday, May 6, 2022


 I spent three hours working on the gardens Thursday.  It wasn't until almost the end of my time out there - ran out of steam - that I noticed this.

Not sure what knocked it over, but before I attempt to restack the Inukshuk I will have to follow Tom's advice to get some landscape adhesive.  

It was a gorgeous day here yesterday.  I had to shed several layers as I worked in the sun.  Here's the view of the field behind us with buds showing on the near tree branches.

Over top our well is this forsythia which has yet to burst into full bloom even though there's one across the street blooming.

Some blooms near the bottom but

the stems don't look like there are buds.

I planted several things. Here's one of three creeping thyme

that I hope will fill in around the stepping stones in the deck garden.

I also planted irises that wintered over in the barn, three day lilies and a bleeding heart on this side.  And out of view around the corner to the right two lavender in what will be my herb garden. I still have 9 hosta to plant plus enlarging and transplanting some perennials from the front porch garden.