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Friday, July 15, 2022

Barn Renovation Complete

 Here are photos in chronological order of the barn from when we first purchased it through the renovations all last year to the completion of the painting this week.

The barn shortly after we moved in December 2020.

The back side was not completely painted.

Dan removed one of the lofts and lifted the floor boards on the side that was to be the garage.

The barn had sagged so had to be lifted on this side.

Concrete floor poured so it could be used as garage.

Driveway graded and filled with hardpacked gravel.

Winter 2021-22 Sill work on other side of barn.

Clapboards replaced.

New garage doors and garden room door installed.

July 2022 Barn painted.

Compare above photo to bottom photo and you can see how much work we have put in.