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Saturday, May 18, 2019

New Hampshire Hike

Last Saturday was a blue sky morning, perfect for a hike.

Daughter Emily directed us to an access point for French's Ledges in Plainfield Township where the climb was not as long and more gradual so that granddaughters could hike it.

We set out bundled up because it was a chilly morning.

We soon came to some vernal pools but didn't see any life there.  The trail skirted it so we didn't get wet feet.

Ferns were just unfurling in the woods.

Moss greening up.

Leaves slowly showing.

Here was one outcropping but not our destination.

The girls had wonderful sun hats.

We were on the right trail

and made it to the top.

We decided to go down another way.  Unfortunately the trail turned in the wrong direction and wasn't connecting to our trail in.  We ended up bushwhacking through the woods to find the original trail very thankful for the iPhone compass and access to the map.