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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Miracle on the Hill

We had light snow overnight last night. About an inch I think in all when we woke up. No school delay or snow day since forecast was for warmer weather. Report was that snow was not sticking to road surfaces, but someone failed to inform our driveway of that.

If you've never been to our house you wouldn't know that our driveway has a very steep grade just before it reaches the house. So leaving the house you go down a steep hill which then curves sharply to the right to a creek crossing before it levels out.

There was snow on our driveway and so I suggested to Dan that he drive us to work in my Subaru. He works one exit closer to home than I do. He concurred.

We started down the steep hill and the car started to slide. He managed to keep the back end from changing places with the front but couldn't slow down the slide. We both were tense until we spotted blacktop at the curve. No snow covering that part of the driveway! As we got closer we were sliding into the rocky drainage next to the driveway when the tires hit the clear pavement and took hold.

A miracle? Yes because at the creek crossing and the rest of the way to the lane the driveway was covered in snow. If the curve had been snow we'd have not made it around the curve and probably would have slid off the embankment on the other side into the wetlands.