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Friday, October 11, 2013

Riding the Rail Trail in Keene, NH

This is the second in a post about our weekend in New Hampshire.

We took our bikes along though hadn't counted on the rain.  Fortunately there was a break in the weather on Friday afternoon and after lunch in Keene we were able to bike on the Ashluelot Rail Trail.    We got as far as Swanzey and I have no idea how far we biked.  Despite the overcast skies the scenery was lovely.  Biking back to the car we had rain.  Here are the photos.

Trail head is across from the parking lot at a shopping center in Keene.  Trail is paved in town then becomes packed gravel.

It's very straight and flat.  We thought we were going uphill going out of town but it felt that way coming back too.

This was the most scenic bridge we traversed.

In Swanzey we parked the bikes in this cemetery and walked among the gravestones.

I'd never seen a hydrangea tree like this one.

During the winter when the ground is hard bodies are stored in here.

Someday maybe we will make it to the end of the Ashuelot Rail Trail.  Maybe we'll see some of the covered bridges that other guides describe.  Overall it was a nice afternoon outing in New Hampshire.