Readers, Welcome to my blog (formerly Birds, Blooms, Books, etc). I'm entering a new decade taking on the challenge of moving from Maryland after living there 46 years and learning about my new home here in New England in the Live Free or Die state - New Hampshire. Join me as a write this new chapter of my life.

Friday, June 9, 2017

It's Friday!

Last Friday we were awaiting the arrival of family members from New Hampshire.  First long trip for 2nd granddaughter and her first trip to Maryland.  It took them 12 hours to make a trip that without two kids would take them 8 hours. They arrived in time for dinner.

I will share some photos soon once I block out granddaughters faces.  

The weekend involved a baby shower for our second daughter who is expecting in July.  I hosted it here in the downstairs winter garden.  The dining service catered the affair.  It was lovely.  Nice to know that I can still entertain despite having less space in the apartment.

The New Hampshire contingent stayed with us here in the apartment.  The futon queen size bed worked well in the den and they had their own ensuite bathroom.  Rented a pack and play from Vantage House for the 8 month old and a blow up twin bed mattress fit in the small hallway to the living room and made a cozy space for the 3 year old.  She'd fall asleep on our bed and then get transferred. Except for the very first night it worked perfectly.

I did more cooking than I have since we moved here.  It just worked better that way since daughter Emily needs gluten free food.  The kitchen though compact worked well, too.

Family departed on Wednesday and it didn't take long to return the toys to the storage space in the basement, return the pack and play and linens, and let the air out of the mattress.

A good visit was had by all.