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Saturday, April 17, 2021

Spring on Hold

We went from this on Thursday - leaves opening, grass greening, temperatures moderating to

this on Friday - a nor'easter that brought snow starting as rain and changing to snow as the temperature dropped so that we woke to snow covering everything except the roads.  The snow kept falling most of the day but with temperatures just at freezing and the ground and surfaces with some warmth from the day before the snow tried to melt. 

I cut off my daffodil blooms to save them from the weighty snow. 

No loss of electricity with the wet heavy snow but a tree between us and our neighbor to the north came down in her backyard.  It was one trunk of a multiple trunk hemlock tree.  It's her tree.  It's fortunate that it just missed her house and her glass enclosed porch on the side of the house.  I never heard the sound and wouldn't have noticed if the floor installer who was here hadn't mentioned it.  (We got new kitchen flooring.)

In other news this notice was posted in the community email thread:


April 14th approximately 11 pm the neighborhood black bear came to visit Clark Camp rd. He is maybe 200 lbs. Definitely not the biggest bear I’ve seen in the yard but large enough to do some damage. He seemed very relaxed even though I had a light in his face. I’ve been feeding a cat the last couple months and now he will need to find food elsewhere. If anyone owns this cat I would like to know before I catch it and bring it to the humane society. He appears to be as tall as me based on his reach on hind legs. 5’5” maybe a little taller. Beware the bear is out.

I printed that with some deletions but the cat is not as tall as the writer.  It's the bear.  Pronouns mix things up!

There was a reason we were told to take down our bird feeders.  I'm glad I did.  The road mentioned is about 2 miles from us, well within the bear's range.