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Thursday, January 30, 2020

Foto Friday Plus

Another selection of photos from Barcelona all involve looking up!

This statue intrigued us and after some research we discovered it was a phoenix ridden by a boy.  It was the symbol of an insurance company.

This is one of the houses on the Block of Discord.  Looks like masks.

Sagrada Familia and below what's on top of those spires.

Above and below the old Hospital of Saint Peter and Saint Paul.

I'm not recalling very well where this stained glass was from.

Old Roman wall in Terragona.

The balcony of the Palace of Music -  each column is different.

The funicular taking us to the top of Montserrat.  To get any higher required a hike.

And Dan looking up or maybe not on the wall overlooking the Mediterranean in Terragona.

Life is busy this week and next.  Daughter, Sarah and granddaughter are here until the 6th.  Sarah is commuting to DC for work and granddaughter is with us.  Since July when they moved to Buffalo Sarah has been telecommuting!  It's very fun to have granddaughter here, but when she naps I nap too!

Thankfully the playground is right next door.  That's our home Residences at Vantage Point in background.

There's another park across from that at a church.  The pond has. net to keep the leaves out this winter.

That was yesterday.  Today was a trip to story time at library.  I could put granddaughter in carseat but once at the library I couldn't push the button to release her.  My thumbs have no strength.  I asked a woman passing by to do it for me.  When we returned to Vantage Point I called Dan to the garage to do it.  Next time I'll try a tool before we leave.

Granddaughter brings joy wherever she goes here in this "old folks home"!