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Thursday, March 12, 2020

New Measures to Keep Us Safe

Learned yesterday from the Director of this retirement community of new measures she is implementing to keep us Covid-19 free.

Outside performers. speakers, and class teachers are banned for two months.
I got emails from my card making teacher and Zentangle teacher that they will see me again in May.

Visitors to independent living tower are to be self screening.
Don't enter if you've traveled out of the country, or if you have any symptoms of any illness.

No more guests for meals in any of our eating venues.

Discouraging any visitors especially young children.

All trips canceled.

For the health center which has assisted living, comprehensive nursing care, and memory care all visitors are banned.

Staff for health center will be screened with temperature readings before starting work.

All staff are to monitor their health.

It goes on and will get more stringent. So far this county has no cases of the virus but adjacent counties all do. 

How is it where you live?