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Monday, March 11, 2013

Ukrainian Eggs or Pysanky

I promised several internet friends I would post photos of the eggs I have been decorating, called pysanka.  My daughter, Emily (Greens and Jeans) introduced me to them last Easter time.  This year I purchased my own supplies from the Ukrainian Gift Shop and have had some fun.

Above and below are the six I've made so far.  I did have a seventh but when I pumped out the innards the side of the shell gave way.  It must have had a crack I didn't see.

Closeups of some of this year's below.

Here's a bowl of the new ones, last year's and some other decorated eggs.

Three of last year's.  The two on the left were done by daughter, Sarah.

If you've never tried these, it is quite a lot of fun. What you do is paint with wax using tiny tools that you heat and collect the wax in.  Wherever the wax is will stay the color you have waxed over.  So where you see white was the first coating of wax.  You then place it in the color to dye and then wax over whatever you want to be that color. You continue progressing from lightest colors to darkest colors.  Once everything is done you place it in a candle flame and melt the wax off.  It's amazing to see your design appear.  The final step is to pump out the egg so you are just left with the shell.  Even with shaky hands like mine you can make some neat designs!  

Happy Easter in three weeks!