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Saturday, July 12, 2014

The Vegetable Garden and the Latest Harvest

I'm dealing with lots of weeds.  You go away for two weeks and the weeds (and deer) take over.

I tackled the vegetable garden first, took photos and then forgot to post them because I was absorbed with the photos from our trip to England.

A week later plants have grown even more but I didn't take many more photos in there.

So here's the garden as of July 5, relatively weed free.

The butternut squash is to grow out of the bed into a relative open area.  As of today it's grown even more than shown here.

These are Jimmy Nardello peppers that I got from Susan at Squash Blossom Farm in MN for supporting her Kickstarter campaign.

The beans there in that bed with the squash and peppers were supposed to be bush beans but they are climbing.

These tomatoes may be the first to ripen.  They were bigger even today.

Here is the harvest.
1 Jimmy Nardello pepper.
3 Cubanelle
4 hot peppers

Reading up on Jimmy Nardello peppers I see I should have let it go red before picking.  I didn't know if it was a hot or sweet pepper, but it's the latter.  I'll use it tonight in a chickpea, feta cheese salad along with the Cubanelle.

I pulled my two beds of garlic.  The first bed is drying out on top of the compost bin.

The second bed of garlic is drying on top of the first bed.

They are a nice size this year.  These are German Extra Hardy from Fedco.

Here's a view of the garden from the garage,

Other harvesters over at Daphne's on Monday.