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Monday, May 19, 2014

Exploding Growth & Harvest Monday - May 19th

With all our rain and cool spring temperatures, the plants around the yard are just exploding with new growth.  It all looks so lush.  Here are just a few scenes:

the glen garden - a profusion of hosta and ferns

the perennial garden 

lavender iris showing its stuff


The vegetable garden has been exploding in growth too and we have been enjoying the lettuces, spinach, and bok choy.  I haven't been very good at taking photos though but here's a representation of some of what I've been harvesting.

Green ice and butter crunch lettuce


two baby bok choy and one larger bok choy with some spinach

The tomatoes have been planted though I'm supposed to get some more as a thank you from Squash Blossom Farm for supporting their Kickstarter campaign.  Peppers have been repotted.  Some basil and parsley planted in the herb garden.  But do I have photos?  Sorry no, not at this time.