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Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Return to US Botanic Gardens

Every couple of months we like to take Dan's mother on an outing.  Last time it was to Gunston Hall. This time to the Botanic Gardens in Washington, DC.

We knew parking and walking a long distance would be problematic for her so we took along her handicapped parking pass that Dan's brother usually has when he takes their mom somewhere. We got there early enough to get a space right in front of the entrance.

There are some really interesting plants and trees in this collection with several different climates represented.

Plantains below.

Chocolate or cocoa

At first I thought there were birds but it was piped in bird songs.

Many orchids.

Dan walked up to the viewing platform shown below along the sides.  The elevator was not in service  so he was the only one to venture up there.  The humidity was higher up there he said.

For lunch we went to a favorite barbecue restaurant in Alexandria.
It was a nice trip for everyone.