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Thursday, August 25, 2022


 I have not seen any wasps this summer outside which I'm glad of because after two stings several years ago and a couple of years apart, I'm allergic!

Just before lunch I spied my first wasp of the year at the sliding door but not outside, inside. 

I called Dan to deal with it and while he hunted for the fly swatter I kept my eyes on the wasp.

It left the slider and headed to a beam in the ceiling and just as Dan got the swatter ready, the wasp tangled in a cobweb. We could see the tiny thin legged spider rush to deal with the wasp.

For a time it looked like the spider was the victor and the spider left his prey wrapped but it was not a secure tie up because the wasp dropped towards the floor.

We hunted and couldn't spy it until it rose from where it hid to another window.  Again the swatter was brought out and Dan was crowned the victor.

No EPI pen required by me thankfully especially since the ones I have are past their expiration dates.