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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

If You Sit Still Long Enough, They Will Come!

Or at least you hope they will!  I am not the best photographer and don't have the equipment that allows me to super zoom in on the birds, but yesterday I spent some quiet time on the deck watching the bird antics.  Finally I decided to get the binoculars and the camera and managed to capture these shots.

The shot I wish I could have captured is the goldfinch perched on the black eyed susan nibbling on the flowers.
 Sharing the bird feeder.
Is that another kind of finch?  They love to eat the blossoms of my Autumn Joy sedum.

 Tufted titmouse.
The shot I wish I had is the titmouse working to open the sunflower seed grasped in its feet.
 What is that woodpecker making the racket in the woods?
 Is it a flicker?
 It never visits my feeders and its a rare sighting around here for me.
 Can you make out this little darling?
 Does its bill give it away?
 Silhouetted on the feeder sitting up straight.
More relaxed after a good drink.
The shot I wish I had is of the battles between the hummingbirds over feeding rights.

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