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Saturday, March 6, 2021



Granddaughter is enamored with Star Wars and since she likes to do puzzles like I do, she brought over a box with 6 that have that holographic effect.  She had done the one on the right at home and we worked some on the one on the left.  I ended up finishing it but it wasn't easy.

Emily had been to the thrift shop and picked up two more puzzles for me.  I opened the Penguins one and tried and tried to even get the border done.  When granddaughter came over with her dad who also likes puzzles they gave up pretty fast.  I gave up too.  Just look at the photo on the cover, you wouldn't think it would be difficult, but it's too much of the same colors.  It will go back to the thrift shop for someone else. Actually it didn't look like it had been put together before.

I purchased this one from Shutterfly made from a photo of our barn.  Granddaughter took it home and completed it.  It will be my turn next.

But first I'm working on this one also purchased at the thrift shop.

It looks easy from the photo but look at the size of the pieces.

No bigger than a penny and all shaped the same.
It's also small.

I managed to get all the edge pieces, though on the left edge I had some in the wrong spot - they really looked like they fit there but then other pieces didn't fit into them.

I'm sorting by color to help figure out where pieces go.  No one's come over to help yet with this one, but they are always welcome.

When spring finally comes, puzzles will be relegated to evenings since there will be lots to do as I get back to gardening again.