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Sunday, June 25, 2017

National Gallery of Art East Wing

Friday I had a trip to the East Wing of the National Gallery of Art in Washington, DC courtesy of Vantage House, where I live.

[Joining Through My Lens]

The East Wing focuses on modern artists.  It was built on a rather triangular shaped lot next to the West Wing, so the architect I. M. Pei, went with lots of triangular shapes in the building.  Let me share that with you with this post and feature the art in other posts.

Look at all the triangles.

Entry Level

Down one level

Our docent

Even the floor is triangles.

From the rooftop gallery you can see the structure of the ceiling/roof.

The Smithsonian Castle is in the distance.

Across this plaza with the fountain is the West Wing built of the same kind of stone.  The quarry where that stone came from was closed after the West Wing was built so that if ever there was an addition, the same stone would be available.  Forward thinking by the donor, one of the Mellons.

Under that plaza is this walkway to eating places and Gallery shops.  It connects the two buildings underground.  There is a constant light show as you travel on the moving walkway.

More to come in future posts.