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Wednesday, June 30, 2021

The Barn Guy is ...

... a barn whisperer if there is such a thing.

He showed up today early and in the heat has been working all day.

Progress being made.

I can see him from my desk and his shirt is drenched.  He is not a young guy, thankfully because that means he's done this before.  That's not to say someone younger couldn't do this but experience is an important qualification for restoring a 100 + year old barn.

Barn Update

 The guy working on our barn has actually been at work though as I write this on Tuesday afternoon we haven't seen him yet this week.  But he has been here three times now with the last time being last Friday from early morning to dusk.

Saturday morning I took these photos.  His first goal is to level the barn.  The right side had sunk 6 inches so. he has it almost there, just 2 inches shy.  It's like a Lincoln log set being used to lift this end of the barn.  I don't understand it really but it's working.

Above - see the vertical section separating the two open bays.

Below can you see that section off the ground?

Now can you see it off the ground? Notice what I call Lincoln logs?

Here's the right side of the barn also with Lincoln logs lifting.

Notice the varying sized shims used on the back side to hold it up.  Also there's no real foundation of rocks right now.  Once he gets it to level he will be digging a 4 foot footer and building the foundation.

The supports could be a sculpture.

Don't know when he'll return.

We are having a heat event here though not as hot as the Pacific Northwest. The carpenter working on the deck and such is a no show.  That's another story for another post.