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Thursday, March 16, 2023

Day After the Storm

 We have lots of snow so I'll only share two photos from Wednesday morning. Snow amounted to almost 18 inches we think.  We lost power on Tuesday night at 7:30 while I was on a church committee Zoom call.  It was a cold morning to get up with no heat but we had the good news that our woodstove would be installed.  It was and as we got the first fire going in it, the electricity was restored at 12:30 pm.

Those are the bird feeders looking like ice cream cones.

It was a wet heavy snow as evidenced by the weighed down hemlock limbs.

This morning we noticed the shadow of the new stove chimney and the smoke on the barn roof.

It's the perfect sized stove for our great room space and makes the room so much warmer.