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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Saying Farewell to a Blogger

Bloggers come and go, but when I read the last post on Monday from Daphne's Dandelions, long time host of Harvest Mondays, I was truly surprised that she would be one.  She is calling it quits.  She will be missed and the Harvest Monday meme will be missed unless someone steps up to take it on.

Daphne joins a long list of bloggers who have disappeared.  Most give you no warning. 

 Some you half expect when their posts get so infrequent.  

Some had been good friends and then poof, they are gone.  

Occasionally one dies but the family lets you know.  

So here's to the bloggers I have known.  Maybe they'll return one day.

There are others whose names I can no longer recollect.  They no longer appear in my bookmarks.  I cleaned them out years ago.

And here's to the bloggers who have passed on of which I only know of Granny of

So if you are calling it quits from blogging do a favor for those that read your posts, follow Daphne's example and let us know.