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Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Harriet Tubman Underground Railroad National Historic Park

The Wednesday before Christmas Dan and I took a mini vacation to Cambridge, MD.  Before we checked in at the Hyatt we visited this Historic Park dedicated to Harriet Tubman who was born near here.  Lucky for us it was before the government shutdown because this place is likely closed now.

It was a windswept day as you can see from the clouds.  The site is fairly new.  I think I remember it being dedicated by President Obama.

Inside the exhibits are gripping, charting Tubman's life and her incredible dedication to bringing slaves to freedom.

Dan and I were in Auburn, NY last spring.  Now I wish we had visited her home there which is also a historic museum.  I guess it's a reason to return to Auburn soon.

Looking forward to seeing this $20 bill in another year.

Update on my surgery.  
Pathology report came back benign. Energy level increasing every day and belly pain is lessening but feeling limited in what I can do and for how long.  I have not tried to drive yet, though there is no restriction on that.