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Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Seward House

At the end of April we visited Auburn,  NY on our way to NH. 

There is an excellent docent led tour of the home that was built for Seward's father in law and became  Seward's upon his marriage.

The house was doubled in size in Seward's lifetime.

Descendants of Seward kept everything so the house is filled with the family's belongings.  Here's a tour in photos.

Seward did a lot of traveling.  The upstairs hall is filled with photos of the people he visited.

One room is an exhibit on the night Lincoln was assassinated.  That night Seward was also attacked in his bed where he had been recovering from an accident.  His attacker was one of Booth's accomplices.

Seward's wife was active in the Underground Railroad despite her husband being Secretary of State.  She hid runaways in this cellar.

If you visit Auburn, make sure to stop here for the tour.

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