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Sunday, September 19, 2021

Bethel Overnight

Our first overnight accommodation was a bed and breakfast in Bethel, Maine.

The house was built in 1906 though I"m not sure when it became an inn.  Obviously renovations were made to accomplish that and provide bathrooms in every room.  Our bathroom looked like it once was a closet and being a small space the sink was in the bedroom.

The innkeepers were incredibly friendly and talkative as were some of the others staying there including 4 Appalachian Trail through hikers.  One couple had been at it 6 months.  Originally from Minnesota they'd sold off everything and started off in March.  They were stopping at the BnB for two nights as they had at other places on the trip including in Hanover, NH at Dartmouth where their daughter met up with them. I feel like we came away with almost their recent life story but doubt they learned anything about us.

We enjoyed the verandah.

We toured the local historical society exhibit of a house built in 1813 by a local doctor who was quite wealthy at the time. Sorry no photos.  Outside one of the buildings was this large bottle - not glass. It's going to be used as a food kiosk.  It came from an old hotel in the area.


Though Bethel also has a mineral museum we skipped that.  After breakfast of French toast and apples we headed on our way north taking the scenic route.  It was a rainy day.

The last waterfall we spied was at this convenient rest stop.

Not sure the name of the falls but it's similar in geology.

There was this giant chair there and these signs.

One last look at the falls.