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Thursday, August 27, 2020

Boston Lot Hike

Today marks 6 weeks that we have lived in New Hampshire. We are getting acclimated and liking this climate a lot. Yesterday was a cool day with highs only in the 60s.  Hard to imagine that happening in Maryland in August.

We took advantage of the lovely day to explore the Boston Lot, an expanse of woods north of us owned by West Lebanon. It gets its name from a failed granite quarrying company based in Boston. Quarrying never happened but the name stuck.

We parked at that green rectangle on the left side of the map above and walked up the access road - the double red line.  That was quite a climb. We walked then around the lake on the Lakeside Trail.  That was a misnomer because the trail continued to climb and though we could glimpse the lake through the trees it was not a lakeside trail at all.

The ferns were lovely.

Roots and rocks to clamber over.  The soil must be shallow that's why the roots are so much on the surface.

Here's a view of the lake near the end of our walk.  There were two camping sites at this vantage point.

A lovely day for a hike in New Hampshire.

We had lunch from the food truck parked on the Lebanon Green. First time we'd tried it. We'll be back! It was good.