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Thursday, May 10, 2018

Strasbourg, France

Saturday, March 31st brought us to Strasbourg, a sizable French city.

The river was filled with swans as we docked.

As I wrote last time the rich food of the night before kept me onboard for the morning.  I used the time to walk the track and read.

Though it was Saturday I saw the container shipping yard across the way load barges with containers.  Strasbourg is the second largest port on the Rhine.  We were docked in the midst of it and had to rely on busses to take us to town.

Dan took a guided bike tour of the city.  He's there in green.

After he returned and we lunched we took the shuttle bus to the city center so he could show me some of what I missed.

The city center is a World Heritage Site.  The town has been violently disputed between France and Germany for years. 

Being Saturday of the Easter weekend the streets were filled with people.  These were the biggest crowds we'd experienced.  I'm not big on walking in crowded areas in Europe or anywhere.

The city's main sight is the Cathedral Notre Dame de Strasbourg coming into view above as we walked a less congested side street.  And below where it looked like one spire was never finished.

There was a line to enter.

This style is much more ornate than the Cathedral in Speyer.

Inside Dan pointed out this spectacular window.

The cathedral has an astronomical clock somewhat hidden by scaffolding.

Dan called the pole on the left a totem pole.  Close up below.

Back outside we walked back to catch the shuttle to the ship leaving the crowds behind.