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Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Some Must Reads

If you haven't visited October Farm and read her Dump Trump series you'e got to go over there. (She's quite a cook too and posts some amazing recipes.)

Here are a couple I borrowed from her today.

And read these statistics from a Washington Post article summarized in The Week:

During the 13 hours in which President Trump spoke in the past three weeks of daily briefings on the Covid-19 pandemic, he devoted  ..... only 4 and one half minutes to offering condolences to the families of the 57,000 Americans who've died.  In one third of his answers to questions, Trump attacked someone -- including state governors, President Obama, and the press.

Here's another quote from The Week:

Trump actually believes he's smarter than scientists, said Jonah Goldberg in  Longing for an "easy fix" to a pandemic that threatens his re-election, Trump seized on the bleach-and-sunlight cure as "a brilliant idea that never occurred to the fancy-pants experts." Trump suffers from what is known as "the Dunning-Kruger effect," said Jonathan Chait in  This well-documented phenomenon describes how people with low ability "are too incompetent to recognize their own incompetence."  What should worry us most about Trump's embrace of quack cures isn't that gullible people will try them.  It's that he's left no doubt we're facing the greatest public-health crisis in a century behind the leadership of "an ignorant crank who thinks he's a genius."