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Wednesday, December 7, 2022

Concord in December

 I had to go to Concord, our state capital, on Monday to be re-fingerprinted. Apparently the fingerprints I had taken at a local police station didn't pass FBI scrutiny in September.  Didn't find this out until the end of November and rather than paying another $50 at the local police station, Dan drove me to the Criminal Records office to have them done for $10.  You may be asking why I'm doing this?  Necessary to pass a criminal background check including fingerprints in order to volunteer at my granddaughters' school.

We made it an outing of sorts by returning to a restaurant we'd visited in 2021, The Barley House, across the street from the capitol.

We finished eating just before 3. My appointment was at 1:10.

Here is the poorest excuse for a Christmas tree we've ever seen. But the bigger surprise was this manger scene on the capitol grounds.

Someone must figure that giving time to Winter Solstice celebrants evens this out.  

No menorah or Kwanzaa candles in sight.

In the pavement in front of this arch was a time capsule.  I don't think I'll be around to read about when it gets opened in 2065.  Will you be around then?