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Saturday, July 18, 2009

New Faces

The lilies didn't quite make it for Bloom Day but here they are. These were housewarming gifts from Dan's sister back in April 2006. I didn't realize until this year that one was pure white. I guess it didn't bloom last year. Every year they get more gorgeous. Thank you, Valerie.

Mischief Makers Part II

I was sweeping the deck this morning and realized that the wren house I had had to move because the raccoons had gotten into the suet feeder was not where I left it on the deck with the hook. I went looking for it. Sure enough, there it was below the bird bath on the edge of the glen.

How did the raccoon carry it there? And what did they think they would find in it? Maybe it isn't a raccoon? But what else could it be?