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Thursday, March 31, 2016

What's This? (16)

I was standing in my husband's study looking out.  Something seemed out of place.  

Just didn't belong to that tree.

What is it?

Grabbed the camera.  Went out the door.  I had to get a closer look and record of what I was seeing.

Do you see it now?

A snake, probably a black snake.

Curled up in the tree.

It didn't move as I took these photos.  I'm sure it could see me.

Quite a sizable length too.

Now here's a story.  
My niece discovered a very large black snake in her laundry room on the window of the door - inside!  She called her parents and they said call animal control.  Animal control came quickly but before the arrived they told her to keep a watch on the snake.  They captured it and wanted to release it in her yard but she insisted they take it to a creek near by.  Now the question remains, where was that snake all winter?

Update on house selling:  Photos were completed on Monday.  Today the virtual tour (matter port) was done.  That was interesting, and quite a fairly new technology.  The house is to go on sale tomorrow so if you are interested in viewing the virtual tour let me know in your comments and I'll try to send you the link.