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Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Scotland: Inchmahome Priory

It took two trips to this site in order to visit.  The first time we stopped on our way back from a Loch Lomond circle route but it was closed.  The second time was our last full day in Scotland and a rainy day but it was open.

You take a boat to get to the priory which is another of the Historic Scotland properties so we didn't have to pay.

The ruins of the priory are on an island in Lake of Monteith - the only lake not called a loch.  Guide/boat operator had several reasons for lake v. loch one of which had to do with ownership residing with someone who favored the English not the Scots.

I recognized this from Dunblane Cathedral and was gratified to see below that I was right.

There is nothing in my Lonely Planet guide about this priory.

The Historic Scotland brochures says this:
" Founded around 1238, it was home to Augustinian canons for more than 300 years.  It was visited by Robert the Bruce and Mary Queen of Scots."

There were countless places that Mary was said to have visited!

A very recent burial, 1936, and someone still remembers him with flowers.

Other graves but of unknowns.

Above - now.
Below - then.

It was rather spooky, tragic, depressing, awe-inspiring: all of those emotions, visiting such an ancient place and wondering about the people who lived there.