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Sunday, April 30, 2017

What Can You Do With Foil?

This self taught artist was clearly enamored with aluminum foil and silver paint.  This exhibit in the Smithsonian Museum of American Art was quite striking.

See if you agree.

Saturday, April 29, 2017

Downtown DC Churches

Been awhile since I've joined Inspired Sunday.  I was sorting through photos and came across these from Washington, DC.

These first two were taken from the car more than a year ago.  They may not be churches though the spires made me think they were.

These photos were taken this year on a very cloudy day.

The red spire is so interesting.  How do they keep the birds away?

Friday, April 28, 2017

My Garden Now

As many readers know we moved from a house on 8 acres to a retirement community and an apartment on the 11th floor in late June 2016.  My gardening has changed considerably.  Once I had this to take care of:

I have no regrets about no longer having all these gardens because it was a lot of work.  Now I have new ways of gardening: on two balconies and inside.

On the northeast side is this balcony.  It has the wicker chair I inherited from my mother that we repainted red.  I think it was my grandmother's before that.  I'd like to replace the seat cushions but haven't found any that fit yet.

When its not being used I cover it with the canvas cover and a bungee cord.  We get high winds up here on the 11th.

I have only three pots on this balcony because Dan uses it too to paint.  These are shade loving because they primarily get morning sun.

The table I found very cheap at ReStore.

On the southwest balcony I have more pots, most recent purchases from HomeGoods.  These are filled primarily with perennials.  I can have hosta without worrying about the deer eating them!

This table and chairs we brought with us.

This pot came from the old house and I was pleased to have the sedum return.  I knew then that perennials would work.

I added the hens and chicks to this one.

Inside I have these plants.

A jade bonsai.

An air plant.

On the shelf outside our apartment I had rooted philodendron cuttings from the winter garden downstairs on the first floor in water then transplanted them in another beautiful pot from HomeGoods.

From one balcony I look down on Sidwell Gardens.  I'll have to share photos of that in another post someday.

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Baltimore's Sherwood Gardens

On the north side of Baltimore among some swanky houses sits Sherwood Gardens.  It's known for its spring tulip displays.

[Joining Through My Lens}

Friday despite the fog three of us set out to enjoy the blossoms and then lunch.

The land was donated to the city by the owners of Sherwood House.  Read more of the history here.

It wasn't just tulips in bloom: dogwoods and azaleas were beautiful too,

We were surprised to see this tree.  

My traveling companions: Carol and Lynn.

Some of the swanky houses.

We went to lunch at Cafe Hon, in the Hampden neighborhood of Baltimore.

Elvis greeted us at the hostess stand.

The food was good!