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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Small Harvests

I have been getting small amounts of things from the vegetable garden including two patio tomatoes tonight.  Mostly I harvest as I need an item. Like these peppers and jalapeno that went into a corn chowder using leftover grilled corn from the 4th picnic.  Or lettuce as I needed some for oriental soup as I did one evening last week.

I'm not able to get to the garden in the sun because I got stung by a wasp on Friday which became infected as cellulitis and the antibiotic warns one against sun exposure.  So I went out this evening and picked the two tomatoes, discovered beans need picking soon and found evidence of tomato hornworms on the peppers and tomatoes.  I found two of them and drowned them in soapy water but couldn't find the others.  Do birds eat these pests anyone know?

There's one other thing that's hampering my gardening and its a bandage on my right pinky.  I sliced off the side tip of that finger last night using the mandolin on zucchini.  Ouch to put it lightly! I think that labor saving device is going to disappear from my kitchen unless I can find a safety version of it.  I have the bandage on until Friday and it can't get wet either.  Showers will be fun. Not!