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Tuesday, February 7, 2023

The final set from 50s, 60s, ad 70s.

 Must send a big thank you to Marilyn who keeps me informed with all these oldies and goodies she sends me.

1st-2nd I walked a mile each way to school and came home for lunch each day.  That was in Lancaster, PA.  In Kensington, MD for 3rd - 6th grade I rode a bus but 7th-9th I walked and it was farther to the junior high than to the elementary school.  The only time I walked or ran home from elementary school was for a civil defense drill.  They had us practice running home and as I think back on that it was to die at home with our parents if we had a nuclear attack. We lived in a suburb of Washington, DC.

I still carry a road atlas along with us because the GPS doesn't always get it right.

Who still has one?

I do remember eating at McDonalds when it was something new. They had walk up windows. I do remember thinking how good the hamburgers and fries tasted.  Now? Can't remember the last time I had either of those.  Have had breakfast there when we've been traveling and that's all that was around.

It takes a village ...

Never saw one of these.

They always did.

Hope you liked this look back.  I didn't include all of them - just the best.

I do have one apology about these photos - they only feature people of one color. There must be a source that shows the diversity of our country's experience during the 50s, 60s, and 70s.  Anyone know of one?

I went looking after I wrote this and found three on this site.  Here's one which I would title Sandlot Baseball.