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Thursday, May 23, 2013


Each year I seem to get more pots and consequently more plants to care for.  Some of these will winter over as they have for the last two years and some will serve their purpose decorating the yard for just this season.  Here's a walk through the filled pots this year.  I did neglect to photograph the three at the front door so they will have to be saved for another time.

On the southwest corner of the deck (above and below). The pail is my attempt at a miniature garden.  So far only the creeping thyme has lasted through the winter.

I really like the color of these geraniums so bought quite a few for the pots on the deck.

My cactus pot with garden art from AZ and the agave (right side spiky plant) came from my brother's garden.  He called it an agave pup.

My newest cactus pot with Greek ruins that Dan got as an "award" from his art professor.

Three pots on the southeast corner of the decking outside screen porch.

Above and below pots on the freestanding deck overlooking the pond.

These pots with asparagus fern and purple heart (?) have overwintered in the vestibule for two winters now.

I have two of these planters on the side of the swing.

And I have two of these hanging baskets.  Plant unknown.  Can anyone help me out?  There was no label from the nursery.

P.S. Just realized this morning, the day after this was originally posted that the photo below was not included.  These are the hens and chicks that Betsy of Joyful Reflections shared with me last year along with another agave pup and a tiny sedum.  I think I'll be transplanting some of these before season end.