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Monday, January 27, 2020

National Geographic Museum and Jane Goodall

Last Monday I went on a trip organized by Vantage House where we live to the National Geographic Museum.  

One of the two exhibits was on Jane Goodall, known for her stellar work with chimpanzees.

The introductory video as you enter featured these three screens.

 As we watched one of the chimps left the screen and sat on top!  We all laughed out loud.

Jane at an young age was entranced by animals.  This was a much loved chimpanzee.

Two of her favorite books.

She finally got to Africa by saving up her money and once there landed a secretarial job with the famous Louis Leakey.  He was the one who suggested she study the chimpanzees who lived near by.  She devised her own methods of observations.

He mother accompanied her to the camp they set up.  While Jane went to watch the chimps her mother offered medical services to the nearby villagers.

Just when Jane's funding was about to expire she observed a chimp using a stick to gather termites from inside a termite mound.  The chimpanzee had made a tool which was astounding to all who had studied animals up this time.  Jane got more funding and the rest is history.

The exhibit included a 3D movie that made you feel you were sitting in the jungle observing the chimps.  There were stations to learn how to vocalize like a chimp.  Lots to read and lots to look at.  A worthwhile trip.