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Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Snow Day!

A major winter storm is giving us lots of snow outside my window.  Despite pretreating the roads with salt the snow is piling up on the roads.

We got an announcement over the loudspeaker that dining services is running a buffet from 11 to 4:30, the Pub is closing at 11:00 and the Market Place at 2:00.  We will have our dinner early then at 4:00 today and have a very light lunch of a salad I purchased from the Market Place after exercising this morning.

Here's the stack of books I stockpiled yesterday from the library.  I'm taking a page from Sue at The Cottage at the End of the Lane who always shows us her stack of books she has checked out to read.

You'll see two more Charles Todd books -  I'm quite enamored with that mystery series.  The Anna Quindlen is for the book discussion here at Vantage House and the bottom book "Gateway to the Moon" is the March selection for my other book club.  I always like Anne Tyler but the other tow books I know nothing about.  The summaries sounded interesting.