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Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Sackler Gallery

Another trip with Vantage House.  This time to the Arthur M. Sackler Gallery.
Arthur Sackler donated his collection of Asian art to the Smithsonian Institution with the stipulation that a museum be built.  This one is attached to the Freer Gallery of Art but unlike that gallery that is above ground this one goes down several stories from the initial ground floor.

We came to see the exhibit called Turquoise Mountain.  I'll share that in my next post.

We also spent some time in the exhibit on the Art of the Quran but no photos were allowed in there.

In the center stairwell is this monkey sculpture.

Each section represents the word monkey in a different language.

It based upon the story of a monkey that looked down into a pond and saw the moon.  He got his monkey friends to make a long  chain but when the last one reached the pond and tried to pick up the moon it disappeared.

The English version looks more like monkeys that the word.