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Thursday, August 3, 2017

New Grandchild

We welcomed a new granddaughter to our family at the end of last month.  This is the third granddaughter for us.  A, 3 1/2, & L, 10 months live with Emily & Matt in New Hampshire.  This new one is more local, just a short drive of 20+ miles south to the DC suburbs.

Sarah and William moved less than a month before the baby arrived.  

They both worked full time up until the baby was born.  Now both are on leave, maternity and paternity but trying to settle in before the big event was difficult.  Not everything got done so Dan and I have been helping out.  I have been there almost every day this week.  

Dan and I did take a break on Monday to visit Harper's Ferry, WV for the day. 
(photos to be shared soon.)

On the day the baby was born we were at the hospital by the time she was 4 hours old.

She is a lovely little thing, but sorry can't show her face to you.

Yesterday at their home I had the honor of rocking her to sleep and showing Sarah different ways to hold and soothe her.

We are headed back there this morning to help hang pictures and other tasks as assigned.

What a joy in a little bundle!