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Thursday, February 18, 2021

Making Pillows

 I have two t-shirts and one sweatshirt that I bought on three different vacations.  What they have in common is embroidery.  The sweatshirt was a favorite and as with many favorite pieces of clothing got too much use and stains.  The embroidery was still very nice so I kept it.  Same for the shirts. Then the idea came to me to make them into pillows.  At first I thought I would cut out the embroidered part but then realized the fabric was fine for making the pillows.

The sweatshirt from Montana

A t-shirt from Alaska

Inside view of embroidery from Victoria, Cananda

I don't know how long I have held on to this idea but since moving to NH I realized I should go ahead and tackle this project.  With advice from daughter Emily who surpasses me with her sewing skills and borrowing one of her sewing machines, 

I have completed one pillow.  Here's the back. I overlapped the bottom edges of the front and back of the shirt to make it a pocket pillow.

And the front.  

I think when finished these will end up on our bed.