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Sunday, March 27, 2022

Sibling Reunion

 The last time all my brothers and sisters were together was August 2018 when we gathered to celebrate what would have been the 100th year of my parents birth.

Saturday March 19th we gathered at my youngest sister's home in Northern Virginia.  It was a marvelous reunion. 

From left to right: Suzie, Marie, Steve, Phil, Bonnie and me.

My oldest brother turned 80 in January and we had planned to meet that month but Omicron canceled those plans. My other brother who lives the farthest was able to change his plane reservations from Arizona to come in March.

Dan and I drove 12.5 hours the Friday before and made it just in time for dinner. All of us but one sister arrived Friday and spent two nights there. The sister and her husband living near Charlottesville, Virginia arrived early Saturday morning and left that evening.

We would have been 12 gathering but my sister in law in Arizona chose not to travel.

We plan to do it again and my youngest sister is willing to host it.

On our trip home, which we did over two days, Dan and I stopped in Strasburg, PA to visit my parents gravesite.  Their presence in spirit was strong at our gathering.