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Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Painting Update

 The painter had great weather all last week but unlike what you'd expect from a contractor, he was rarely here more than 5 hours and 4 was much more normal.  He didn't come on Saturday though at first he said he would.  Sunday he said he'd be here at 9:30 am (he never arrived that early) then said 11:30 and actually was here at 11:35.  He has never ever arrived close to the time he said he'd be here.

They worked (he has one guy helping him) until 5:30 but didn't finish.  Doors, storm doors, lattice work under porch, water sealing of two porches and some touch up around the windows yet to be done.

Weather has been foul since Monday and as I write this Tuesday we are due to get a nor'easter or a bomb cyclone tonight.  Thursday is to be a clear day and since he took the inserts to the wooden storm doors home, both screen and glass, he expects to finish by the end of the day Thursday.

I promise a reveal set of photos once that happens.

My shutter is back on the porch for now.

Postscript: Once this painting is done we will start wondering if the barn whisperer will return to put doors on our barn before winter sets in.