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Monday, February 18, 2019

A Fancy Shindig

Saturday night was to be a sisters' gathering in Chambersburg, organized by my oldest sister, Bonnie. She purchased a table for 8 at the Cumberland Valley Music School fundraising dinner.  My sister Suzie and her husband were not able to come at the last minute so it was three sisters and spouses.

Our table was right next to the photo op spot.

Here are Dan and I.

My sisters left to right, Marie and Bonnie.

A selfie with Marie who is ten years younger than me.

Another shot with sisters.  There is 16 years difference between Bonnie and Marie.  The missing sister is 7 years younger than me.

A close up shot of the balloon on the table.

The Buchwalter boys were not invited.  They live in Pittsburgh and Arizona.

We bid on silent auction items but only Bonnie won something - tickets to a local play production.  The auction items went for larger amounts and the guitar which interested Dan went for what he predicted $1000.  He didn't bid on it.

It was a fun evening.