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Monday, April 6, 2020

Just Sharing

Received this photo from a staff person here at Vantage Point who received it from a new resident who hopes to move in shortly.


Another week!

Nothing has gotten better.  Only more restrictions.

The big one: we must wear a mask every time we leave our apartment.

Today was laundry day so every time I stepped in the hall to go down to the laundry room I pulled up the mask.  Thankfully we have some since daughter, Emily made them for us and mailed them last week.  We had to keep them in quarantine and wash them because at the time she made them she thought she may be coming down with Covid-19.  She's okay now.  The achy body didn't develop into fever, shortness of breath or any other symptoms.  No one else in the household got sick.

Another big change for Dan the coffee drinker is that the three fancy coffee machines on the 1st and 2nd floors are now closed.  We had to get our coffee maker out of the pantry.  Fortunately we have coffee in the apartment.

One plus is we may be able to request books from our library here, but I haven't seen that in writing yet.

It's a blue sky day so a walk where there aren't many people is in the plan.