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Friday, June 20, 2014

June Garden Tour - The Pond Garden

Here's the pond full to the brim because of the inches of rain we have had.  Love that the cattails are gone (for now).  The water iris have mostly finished blooming.

The fish and frogs are active.

A water lily that has never done much is now showing some life.  It's confined to a pot in the pond.

Joe Pye weed is adding height.  I have pulled some volunteers from spots around the pond but I know there are still some from self seeding.  They don't seem to transplant very well.

On the house side of the pond the stella d'oro day lily is just opening blooms.  The hosta behind is a nice contrast to it.

Look at this color combination.

Close up it's even lovelier.  The orange is the butterfly weed that is food for monarchs.  The blue is ?  I can't recall what it is called.  It blooms in the morning.

Pots of sedum on the pond deck.

A view of the pond from the deck.

The garden tour will continue in future posts.