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Monday, July 19, 2010


Last fall I planted an entire 3 x 3 bed with hardneck garlic. Below its the bed on the right.

In the spring thin shoots visible.

They continued to grow through the spring.

They put out the scapes all of which I cut off, but didn't use them all.

When the lower leave died at the end of June I pulled them and laid them out to dry in the heat of the garage.

Here is my final harvest cleaned up. 14 large bulbs and 5 small ones. There were a few more that I used already or gave away.

Now I have to select one or two of these for next year's crop. I won't plant as much because it took up so much space which meant I had to start the zucchini later.

Harvest Monday

Amish paste tomatoes are ripening. Here are the ones picked on Saturday. I weighed them on the bathroom scale and it came to 3 lbs! The one in the center was 1 lb. alone. I think I need to take seeds from that one.

Here's the large one compared to the normal size. I don't know why it so much bigger.

The goldies are ripening too. These were picked on Saturday.

One of several cucumbers that I picked this week to make pickles following Daphne's recipe (as best I could) for refrigerator pickles.

My first goldie and sliced below to dip in flour and fry in butter.

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